5 Features To Look For In A Video Surveillance System

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Becoming a business owner is a great accomplishment that comes with the freedom of having control over your income. Selling merchandise such as quality jewelry and top brand clothing is a great way to make a satisfactory amount of money with each sale that is made. If you want to open a store that has expensive products, it should be planned out with protecting your assets in mind. For instance, you should get a video surveillance system installed to keep a close watch on your investment and make sure it doesn't go down the drain. Browse the list of features in the article that will help you determine which type of video surveillance system to invest in for your store:

1. Remote Viewing

A good feature to look for when shopping for a video surveillance system is the ability to view your store remotely. Look for a system that gives you the ability to log into a mobile device and look at your store whenever you desire to do so. You will basically be able to view areas of the store in which cameras are installed.

2. The Ability to Pan

Being that you will likely need security for a large portion of your store, it is wise to get cameras that are able to pan. You will then be able to keep an eye on a larger width of your property. Make sure the panning cameras also have the ability to zoom in and out.

3. Quality Video Playback

There is no use in spending money on a surveillance system that doesn't capture clear video footage. Opt for a system that has high-quality cameras so you will easily be able to see suspicious activity. Quality video footage is helpful in the event that someone burglarizes your store and the police need to locate him or her to get your merchandise back.

4. Minimum Wiring

Try to choose a system that does not require an extensive amount of wiring is done. The reason why is because routing wires can be complicated. Less labor means that you might save money on getting the surveillance system installed by a professional.

5. Tamper Detection

There are video surveillance systems that are tamper resistant. Basically, if someone attempts damaging the cameras, you will automatically receive an email or SMS in regards to it. You can then call the authorities to visit your store and do a security check.

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